'Use the latest mobile proximity technologies to build your brand'

IoT Nexus™ is an Enterprise Contextual Proximity Management Suite which offers a plug-and-play integration solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365. This integration provides the following digital transformation benefits:

  • Engage stakeholders with personalized, location based sales, marketing, project & field service capabilities.

  • Manage and utilize standardized Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons, Near Field Communication Tags and GPS Geo-Fencing, Customer Data, and Interactive Voice Response Call Automation within new and existing Dynamics 365 business and consumer interaction scenarios.

  • Provide Interactive Digital Signage utilizing real-time user proximity identity detection, NFC/BLE synchronization and Dynamics 365 managed and sourced remote content.

Global Contextual Personalized Smart Grid Services

Add IoT Nexus™ to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Engage your stakeholders no matter their
object/device, location or geographical area in a personalized contextual way. 
Purpose-built Productive Intelligent Adaptable
Enterprise architecture to grow proximity capabilities at your own pace Familiar management tools in the context of your business processes Built-in decision making to optimize real-time proximity outcomes Transform contextual proximity experiences with modern, extensible platform

 Identify, Track and Engage

Unlock powerful contextually intelligent experiences to streamline your operations and drive sales.

 Real-time Access to a Global Network of Dynamics 365 Customers

Create targeted contextual mobile proximity campaigns that deliver amazing consumer experiences

in a consistent fashion across all technology mediums, locations and industry types.

Cloud Proximity Features that Work Together Seamlessly

Each IoT Nexus™ feature module solves real contextual proximity technology and strategy problems and delivers real value. Combine them and you get the digital transformation power and possibilities to transform your business.


Please visit http://www.iotnexus.io for additional product information.