IoT Nexus™ is a cross-functional proximity suite covering many technology and service integrations making it suitable for use in a wide range of industry application scenarios and the number one proximity content management and delivery platform for smart business.

Check out the list below to discover the many ways IoT Nexus™ can assist your company to profit from the internet of things and proximity industry:


Industry Type  Application Description



  • Business Workflow Process Triggers
  • Open Database Records Contextually Which are Linked to any Physical Item or Geo-Graphical Area
  • Electronic Signature Records Signing
  • Automated 'Black-Box' Call Center Operations
  • On-Premise and Machinery Information Processes and Information Services
  • Lead Generation for Corporate Events and Attendees
  • Business Cards
  • Gamification
  • Distribute Mobile Applications in a Convenient Way
  • Location Analytics
  • Campaign Results
  • Link Stakeholder Membership/Staff ID Cards Directly to Account Holder E-Services and Self Service Portals
  • Inventory / Personnel / Asset Tracking
  • Real-time Support/Call-Center/Leader-Board Work Area Display Panel Update Notifications, Charts and Tables


  • Consumer Electronics Support / Info
  • Contextual Notifications
  • Integrated Service Requests
  • Games and Toys
  • Geo-Caching Competitions and Prizes
  • Corporate Proximity Service Gateways
  • Experience Action Tags


  • Text Book Digital Supplements
  • Student ID Cards / Access Control / Attendance Logging
  • Geo-Science Proximity Services
  • Language Tuition Aid
  • Update Lab Equipment and Result Data Labels
  • Faculty Information & Services


  • Door Access Control Cards
  • Inspection Recording and Logs 
  • Identification Cards
  • Encrypted Dead-Drops / VIP Information Access
  • User Proximity Based Login and Information Authorization Access Control
  • Product and Package Verification & Anti-Tamper Seals


  • Product Information
  • Greet Members using Spoken and Displayed Name and Past Purchase History on Shopfront Displays
  • Shelf Labelling
  • Interactive Magazine and Books
  • Product Purchase / Delivery
  • Personalized Contextual Advertising
  • Loyalty/Customer Retention Programs
  • Consumer Convenience
  • Mobile Payments
  • Proximity Triggered Mobile Wallet Item Coupons and Discounts
  • Electronic Invoices
  • Product Authentication and Verification
  • Access In-Store WiFi
  • Listen to Retail Radio Channel


  • Smart City Public Service Proximity Service Gateways
  • Encrypted Drivers Licenses and Identification Cards for Quick Database Lookup
  • Permits and Access Licenses
  • Historical Sites and Public Space / Equipment Services
  • Community / Voting Facilities
  • Creative ads with motions to click a “Donate Now” button linking directly to a way to help the local disaster areas / community aid groups in need through advertising and providing donations directly via mobile device.
  • Public Park and Monument Proximity Yammer Chat Rooms for targeted Public Sentiment Collection and Community Engagement/Collaboration
  • Land Boundaries and Resource/Asset Management
  • Provide Tourists from Another Country Important Data and Spoken Guides Ranging from Nutrition Facts to Hiking, Trail or Museum/Monument Information

Shopping Malls

  • Shop Database Location Maps and Positioning
  • Information and Support Center Resource Offerings
  • Rented Display Unit Digital Signage Add Management


  • Membership Travel Cards
  • Terminal / Travel Stop Information
  • Asset Rental & Tracking
  • Assisted Contextual Navigation
  • Public Transport Visual Impairment Travel Aid
  • Wallet Item Ticketing & Processing 
  • Taxi Pickup Requests

Manufacturing & Industrial

  • Hazard Alerts
  • Asset Positioning and Historical Data
  • Equipment Safety and Documentation Tags

Theme Parks & Zoos

  • Ticketing
  • Enable Theme Park Visitors to Post Real-time Facebook ‘likes’ or Twitter Tweets for Rides they Enjoy
  • Emergency Requests with GPS Positional Data for Rapid Response
  • Ride, Location, and Directional Information
  • Interact with the Zoo and Give Visitors a Chance to get to Know the Animals in a More Personal Way
  • Geo-Caching Tours, Games and Puzzles

Hotels & Hospitality

  • Foyer Electronic Concierge Services
  • Hassle-free Navigation Assistance
  • Key Card Creation and Mobile Storage
  • Hotel Wide Personalized Services
  • In Room Personalized Feedback and Request
  • Running different ads throughout campaigns, some being just for a particular audience / venue.

Cafés and Restaurants

  • Proximity Ordering for On-premise or Shipped Delivery
  • Delivery & Pick-Up Notifications
  • Menu Item Information
  • Dining Room / Facility Mingle & Chat Rooms

Property Management

  • Smart Buildings and Property Service Management Offerings
  • Property Rent/Sale Display Stands Listing Information and Enquiry Info
  • Property Listings Displayed in the Office's Front Window

Health Care

  • Asset and Tool Tracking and Direct Physical Device to Electronic Management Record Mapping
  • Patient/Doctor/Nurse Location Awareness, Tracking and Messaging
  • Medical ID Bracelets
  • Instant Prescription Refill Ordering
  • Medication Labels to Display the Medication Name and Instructions including optional Voice Descriptions
  • Instant Prescription Medication Refill Orders
  • Patient Medicine and Physician/Surgery Booking Reminders and Notifications
  • Visual Aid to Speak Allowed Configurable Text based on a Visually Impaired Users Proximity or Physical Object of Interaction


  • Aircraft Inspection Logs
  • Flight Arrival/Departure Times Display Boards with Real-time Alert Notification Injection
  • Check-In Notifications
  • Boarding Pass E-Ticketing
  • Duty Free Purchase Area and Personalized Promotions
  • Luggage Tags and Tracking


  • Access Vouchers for the Museum’s Shop and Café
  • Shop Museum gifts for Purchase or Home delivery
  • Follow, like and check-in at the Museum on Twitter, Facebook and other social media
  • Book Tickets for Future Exhibitions
  • Join the Museum’s Friends Community
  • Learn More about Specific Exhibit Content
  • Listen and be Directed by On-demand Spoken Contextual Tour and Information Guides


  • Manufacture to Dispatch, to Shipping to Final Delivery Package Tracking Labels
  • Electronic Signature Receipt Tracking

Stadiums & Events


  • Relaying Live Scores Via Digital Signage
  • Easy Ticketing
  • Add Value to Events while Gathering Important Attendee Data
  • Food and Beverage Sales and Orders
  • Assisting in Navigation/Seat Finding
  • Specialized Event Proximity Chatrooms



  • Member Self Book-Borrow Capability
  • Navigation and Shelf Information
  • Online Book Supplements / Related Reading
  • Book Asset / Borrower Tracking & Reminders
  • Information about the Library’s Art Collection and other Points of Interest


  • Collect Invoice Payments from any Physical Item or Geographical Area
  • Easy Mobile EMV Payments for Mobile Employees and Field Workers
  • Assign Bills to User Identity Cards, Tags and Assigned Beacons for Easy Payment
  • Securely Maintain Credit Cards and Perform Individual, Bulk and Automated Credit Card Transactions
  • Member DMTF Telephone Dial-in Account Balance Checks and Configurable Transactions
  • Combine Payments with Proximity Logs for Powerful Predictive Consumer Analytics