IoT Nexus™ is packed with dozens of proximity industry features, categorized here for your convenience.

  Accounts Contacts and Users Target Business and Consumer end user applications with personalized content on demand

Near Field Communication or Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon Dynamics organization connection records facilitate self-service access to new customers to register themselves in your Dynamics 365 instance as Accounts or Contacts and manage their profile data such as credit cards and profile avatar image.

  IoT Nexus™ Devices The foundation record for secure, personalized proximity experiences

These form the core foundation record for all application and are linked to child technology specific records. IoT Nexus™ Devices represent locations or portals into the IoT Nexus™ Smart-Grid. There are several other device type records within the solution, however only devices for which we have custom developed software components and which maintain a direct relationship to delivering IoT Nexus™ Experiences have been rolled up to become ‘IoT Nexus™ Devices’. IoT Nexus™ Scanner users are identified by their phones IMEI code. IoT Nexus™ Beamer users receive customized scheduled proximity advertisement updates.

Device Types:

  • IoT Nexus™ Scanner – Windows 10 Mobile App
  • IoT Nexus™ Beamer – DTAG100PRO Windows Service

Allocation Types:

  • Account
  • Contact
  • System User

  Global Roaming Roam an entire globe of personalized Dynamics 365 instances and experiences 

Users can select from any Dynamics 365 instance advertising in their immediate area via NFC BLE GEO or QR. While dynamically connecting, if they have not previously registered they will perform a basic device registration process, creating a device and account, contact or system user record. After connection, the users device is automatically synchronized to the companies branding and application settings - ready to receive and interact with proximity experiences published by the connected organization. This structure allows for the first truly personalized proximity smart grid services, with greater user uptake, and the removal of per provider application download requirements.

  Proximity Experiences A Rich Set of Enterprise Proprietary and Public NDEF Experiences for Complex Sales, Marketing and Task Automation Interactions via Bluetooth (BLE) and Near Field Communication (NFC), Geo-Fence (GEO) and QR Code (QR)

Create unique, branded, personalized and customizable proximity experiences for a global audience and reach. IoT Nexus™ Experiences come with built in support for Account (Partner), Contact (Consumer), and System User (Internal Staff) interactions allowing their use in a multitude of internal enterprise operations as well as providing a sales and marketing proximity portal into your company for commercial customers and clients. Experience actions are all about customization. You are in direct control of the I/O from each IoT Nexus™ experience. Port outputs to your next IoT Nexus™ Experience, create custom entities or send personalized notifications by emails/phone calls – the choice is yours.  IoT Nexus™ gives you the power to create, automate and personalize a global suite of tailored end user experiences to meet almost any need.

 Branding Express your Brand with your own IoT Nexus™ Mobile Application Custom Application Title, Logos, Splash Screen, Background, Experience Icons and Avatars

Ensure your mobile proximity platform and corporate branding guidelines are in perfect sync with customizable IoT Nexus™ Scanner logos, mobile application splash screens and application titles. The IoT Nexus™ Scanner Windows 10 Mobile Application is the first of its kind to provide a true global, branded, personalized and roaming Bluetooth and Near Field Communication Smart-Grid. IoT Nexus™ users can seamlessly roam in a branded and personalized way between customized proximity zones and consume tailored proximity services from different companies which are part of the IoT Nexus™ Smart-Grid.

  Payment Processing Securely process Mobile, Ad-hoch and IoT Nexus™ Experience Payments

Secure PCI compliant PayPal integration allows your company to collect branded mobile payments using EMV chip enabled credit cards, perform manual credit card transactions against sales processes within Dynamics 365, facilitate the payment of Dynamics 365 Invoices via BLE/NFC/GEO/QR and enables the back-end payment services utilized by IoT Nexus™ Experiences such as ‘Shop’ and ‘Attend’.

  Notifications Send automated or manual personalized and branded notifications to IoT Nexus™ users as part of any Dynamics 365 or IoT Nexus™ experience process

Provide time-sensitive or personally relevant notifications to users regardless of whether they are in another app or on the Start screen, lock screen, or desktop. Notifications can be triggered by a huge number of scenarios such as entering a geo-fence, completing an end user process, or via workflow to subscribers of important alerts information updates.

  Wallet Items & Ticketing End-to-End Wallet Item Issue and Transaction Processing

Unique Wallet Item creation control makes creating customized Wallet Items a breeze. Upload your own photos and wallet item background pictures as web resources and then get to work creating innovative new Wallet item designs to issue as Membership Cards, Coupons, Tickets and much more to your IoT Nexus™ Scanner users. Customize Wallet Item transaction processing provided by the IoT Nexus™ Scanner application’s ‘Wallet Item Scanner’ feature using Wallet Item Actions. These provide a way to customize and create Wallet Item transactions dynamically based on scenario requirements such as adding or subtracting club membership points, marking tickets as used, deducting travel segments from bus or train tickets, and or sending customized push notifications and or automated phone calls. Companies with Proximity based Hazard Alert Notification requirements can also make use of Wallet Items and our Wallet Item Update Service to deliver Geo-Location triggered alerts to staff working in risk inherent worksites such as Energy and Mining.

  Near Field Communication Trigger Dynamics 365 actions and experiences via the tap of a phone

Design, Create, Write, Track and Manage NFC Forum and IoT Nexus™ Specification NFC Tags. Create and maintain an entire library of NFC Tags quickly and easily within Microsoft Dynamics 365. Use workflows and dialogs to automate the creation of NFC Tags to match any sales and marketing demand your organization requires. Enhance your existing stores, printed media, instore and street advertising displays, products and marketing material with NFC Tags capable of delivering your branded message in a unique, powerful, creative and personalized new medium.

  Bluetooth Low Energy Trigger Dynamics 365 actions and experiences within a users proximity using BLE Beacon Devices

Design, Create, Write, Track and Manage iBeacon, Eddystone™ and IoT Nexus™ Specification BLE Beacon Experiences. Create and maintain an entire library of Bluetooth beacon experiences quickly and easily within Microsoft Dynamics 365. Use workflows and dialogs to automate the creation of BLE Beacon Experiences to match any sales and marketing demand your organization requires. Enhance your existing stores, instore and street advertising displays, products and marketing material with Bluetooth beacons capable of delivering your branded message in a unique, powerful, creative and personalized new medium.

  GPS Geo-Fencing Trigger Dynamics 365 actions and experiences via entry or exit of a defined geographical area

The Geo-Fencing capability uses Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to create a virtual geographic perimeter for a real world geographic area. These perimeters can be as large as a country or as small as a 1 meter radius around a particular point. Once the perimeter has been created, IoT Nexus™ monitors and waits for a device with the IoT Nexus™ app installed to enter or exit the designated virtual boundary and then initiates designated experiences such as a Push Notification, an Email, an SMS, a call from the Interactive Voice Response system (IVR).

Some examples of how this can be used include:

  • Offering a coupon to a customer who has just entered the car park of a shopping center where you have one of your stores
  • Providing specific details related to a job that your field technicians have been issued as they enter the site.
  • Alerting visitors of health and safety information when they enter hazardous locations
  • Or even something fun like a clue to your employees that are attending a corporate treasure hunt/orienteering event.

  Quick Response Codes Trigger Dynamics 365 actions and experiences via Go-Mode's streaming video interface.

Enhance your existing stores, printed media, in-store and street advertising displays, products and marketing material with QR Codes to deliver a more interactive experience. Create and maintain a library of QR Codes within Microsoft Dynamics 365 that allow someone with a QR Code Scanner to initiate experiences on their mobile device such as launch a website, add a contact to their phone book or check-in to a specific location within Social Media. Use workflows and dialogs to automate the creation of QR Codes to match any sales and marketing demand your organization requires.

  Facial Recognition Trigger Dynamics 365 actions via automatic detection of a Contact or System User's face within Go-Mode's streaming video interface.

IoT Nexus™ connects your Microsoft Dynamics 365 instance directly to the Azure Face API to provide a complete end to end real-time mobile client, database driven facial identification cognitive service as a simple AppSource instance package. Whilst in Go-Mode, the on the move / QR code / augmented reality interface, multiple contacts and or system users from your Dynamics 365 instance can now be identified in real time. Additionally, the Contact or System Users Dynamics 365 record can be directly opened using the Dynamics 365 Mobile Application by clicking on the name tag of any recognized faces. Using Facial Recognition Profiles, Dynamics 365 business workflow tasks can be triggered in a customize-able fashion when a Contact or System User's face is recognized.

Some examples of how this feature set can be used include:

  • Providing sales staff the ability to personally greet all customers and develop deeper, more personal relationships.
  • Identify meeting, expo and event attendees in real-time to gauge the who’s who and where, instantly.
  • Gain greater insight on, and track attendee dynamics and demographic data.
  • Turn any Windows 10 device into a facial identification security camera with personalized and customize-able identification event handling.
  • In conjunction with NFC and or BLE identification cards, the solution can provide end to end authorized premises employee/contractor/visitor access provision, management and monitoring functions.
  • Monitor customer, employee and member movements to supplement GPS, purchase history.
  • Create customize-able cross channel alerts using email, push notifications, phone calls or Digital Signage slides.

  Twilio Give your Dynamics 365 instance a voice! Create personalized workflow configurable call logic for incoming and outgoing calls

Replace clumsy export/import CSV file hardware based call automation devices simply by installing the IoT Nexus™ Dynamics CRM Solution file and configuring your Twilio account details. Easily integrate work-flow enhanced TwiML procedures against marketing lists, incoming calls, and IoT Nexus™ proximity experiences. Empower your Dynamics CRM platform to be the voice of your company. Route support calls, provide product details and concierge services.

Twilio Support:

  • Incoming and Outgoing Phone Numbers
  • Call Menus and Conferences
  • Create and Maintain TwiML Profiles for re-use
  • Automated SMS, MMS, and TwiML Voice Phone Calls
  • Access Phone Call Recordings and Transcriptions directly from Dynamics 365
  • Create/Trigger (any Dynamics 365 data or workflow action)
  • Read (verify or playback any Dynamics 365 data)
  • Update (any Dynamics 365 data)
  • Delete (any Dynamics 365 data)

  Microsoft PowerPoint Dynamic content rich digital signage PowerPoint content with real time dynamic proximity data injection

Digital signage use technologies such as LCD, LED and Projection to display content such as digital images, video, streaming media, and information. They are often found in public spaces, transportation systems, museums, stadiums, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and corporate buildings etc., to provide way finding, exhibitions, marketing and outdoor advertising. Traditionally these signs have displayed quite generic or fixed information and are often hard to update when the content needs to be revised. IoT Nexus™ provides a platform that not only simplifies the management of your digital signs but also allows you to personalize the messaging and experience for individuals as they approach the sign. The content that is surfaced includes Dynamics 365 sourced and configured real-time plain text, tables of associated information, images, charts, graphs, sounds and even spoken words truly delivering a unique experience. But the digital signage capability doesn’t stop there; By leveraging NFC capabilities, you can enhance the experience even further by enabling two-way interaction to enable capabilities such as on the spot purchasing with associated triggers and workflows synchronized to onscreen, personalized call to actions.

  DTAG100-PRO Synchronize PowerPoint Digital Signage display content with real-time and personalizable Near Field Communication and Bluetooth Low Energy experiences

Directly synchronize BLE/NFC experiences to Dot Origin’s DTAG-100-PRO units installed in street advertising and marketing enclosures to reach out to you prospects in new and engaging ways. Turn interest in your product’s marketing poster into direct sales, then and there. Our exclusive IoT Nexus™ Application Digital Signage role and associated Microsoft PowerPoint presentation allow you to dynamically publish and update via process actions NFC Tag and BLE Beacon content records to directly shop displays, shopping complexes, airport terminals, or anywhere you would like to remotely control the availability of IoT Nexus™ Experiences. Content can also be injected with real-time IoT Nexus™ Mobile Application Users data to provide personalized experience content when interacting with a IoT Nexus™ Digital Signage enabled IoT Nexus™ device.

  Tracking and Analytics Engine Powerful End-to-End Tracking and Analytics for Continuous Proximity Performance Improvement

State of the art logging engine collects BLE/NFC logs and uploads them to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform every 2 hours. Sales and Marketing analytics professionals can easily view these logs as part of solution Dashboards. A global zoom-able heat map and entity charts provide your enterprise real-time access to adapt its proximity sales and marketing campaigns for maximum effect. Learn what works, where, and why. Full Geo-Location latitude and longitude co-ordinates are available in each log produced from all IoT Nexus™ Scanner interactions and URI experiences encoded for Tracking and Analytics.

  URL Encoder Encode Uniform Resource Locator records for use in emails or Eddystone Beacon assignment

The IoT Nexus™ URL Encoder is a revolutionary new way of seamlessly integrating a URL tracking engine with the marketing capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to allow you to gain additional insights into your customers and prospects by understanding when they are clicking on specific links within your emails as well as determine which links on your website are most popular, and what website re-direction advertising has been most effective. Information such as how often a particular URL is visited, the origin of where the visitor found that URL and the location of the visitor is all captured and displayed within various formats and reports including a a state of the art global heat-map.