Install the Solution License Key

New installations require an license key to be generated during the sales process and then entered into Dynamics. This key is the access token that authenticates IoT Nexus™ and Dynamics environments to trust each other and share content.

To obtain a license key:


To install the license key into Dynamics 365:

Log in to your administrative user for your Dynamics environment

  • Navigate to Settings > Solutions

  • Select and open the IoT Nexus™ solution

  • Navigate to Solution > Configuration
    • Paste in Supplied Solution License Key
    • If your License key includes the NFC feature module, you can now optionally Generate Dynamics Instance Security Tokens
    • Optionally Configure Additional Settings
    • Save Settings


Configure Additional Core Settings

Tracking and Analytics

To enable tracking and analytics mapping features, a Bing Maps Key is required to be entered;

To obtain a Bing Maps Key:

Navigate to Settings 02 within the Solution Configuration Page

  • Paste your Bing Maps Key
  • Save Settings

Enter the Service Account Used during the Dynamics Installation

  • Navigate to the Azure Sync solution configuration tab.
  • Enter the full domain username (IFD) or email address for online (Dynamics 365).
  • Select the Deployment Type (On-Premise/Online)
  • Click Activate to register the your solution with the IoT Nexus™ Azure Smart-Grid Tracking and Analytics services 
  • Click Save