Enable and Configure Mobile Application Branding


Navigate to Settings > Solutions > IoT Nexus > Configuration > Corporate Branding

  • Check the Enable Corporate Branding checkbox to turn on branding support
  • Choose a Corporate Title to be displayed to mobile application users throughout the mobile application
  • Check or Uncheck Persist Corporate Branding on IoT Nexus™ after disconnection to toggle if after disconnecting from your Dynamics 365 instance, when the user reconnects, if they will still be displayed cached branding data from the previous connection
  • If you would like to greet connecting users as they sign-in to the IoT Nexus mobile application, check Personalized Connection and then select Use Simple Connection Greeting Type or navigate to and select a customized IoT Nexus™ Process Action Template which will be activated upon sign-in
  • Click Open Logo File, browse to and select an image file for display across all IoT Nexus™ application screens in the top left
  • Click Open Splash Screen File, browse to and select an image file for display while IoT Nexus™ application is connecting to a Dynamics 365 organization
  • Click Open Background File, browse to and select an image file for display as the background image for the IoT Nexus™ application 'Reader Mode'
  • Click Save Settings to confirm desired branding look and feel, and then test using the  IoT Nexus™ mobile application