Register the IoT Nexus™ App with your Yammer Account


Go to Click on the “Register new App” button. Please note, after registering the IoT Nexus™ App - it will be linked to the Yammer network related to your user account. This is the network you will use to access, edit, create proximity chat rooms for use with IoT Nexus™ - Chat.

Consider using a service account when registering your IoT Nexus™ at i.e. “”. We recommend using the service account associated with your Office 365 Administrative account, and the one associated with your Dynamics 365 instance.


Register IoT Nexus™
Required Fields:

Fields Values:

Application Name:

IoT Nexus™


10th Dimension Solutions Pty Ltd

Support e-mail:


Yammer API Terms of Use.










Basic Info

Once you have registered the IoT Nexus™ app, fill-in the basic information.


Redirect URI

JavaScript Origins

Text ·


Obtain the IoT Nexus™ App Registrations API Access Details


Once you have registered the IoT Nexus™ app;

  • Copy the Client ID and Client secret field values for later use


Connect IoT Nexus™ with your Office 365 Yammer Enterprise Account


Navigate to Settings > Solutions > IoT Nexus > Configuration > Proximity Chat

  • Paste the Client ID from the previous step
  • Paste the Client secret from the previous step
  • Click Save Settings