IoT Nexus™ is the most powerful information management system for managing the creation and distribution of proximity based B2B, B2C business and consumer devices and content. Our unique inline integration business oriented approach to the incorporation of consumer based Internet of Things (IoT) based technologies currently trending in the retail/services sector gives your company power over the full spectrum of potential proximity based stakeholder interaction scenarios.

By utilizing key technologies such as QR codes, Near Field Communication Tags, Bluetooth BLE Beacons and Geo-Fences, along with a host of integrated services and associated facilitating technologies - our solution provides your staff with all the required information and data required in order to create informed, targeted, creative and impactful experiences tailored to customer data and the who what when where how and why surrounding the context of your stakeholders location or object of interaction.



IoT Nexus™ utilizes the NDEF message format for public proximity experience support. The NDEF message format is a standardized data format specification by the NFC Forum which is used to describe how a set of actions are to be encoded onto a NFC tag or to be exchanged between two active NFC devices. The vast majority of NFC enabled devices (readers, phones, tablets…) support reading NDEF messages from NFC tags which facilitates the creation and consumption of public NDEF based experiences created within your IoT Nexus Dynamics 365 instance to be consumed on almost any device with an NFC chipset.

All proprietary experience types are encrypted by default, however encryption can also be added as an optional configuration parameter to any public NDEF NFC tag record type to ensure that the otherwise 'public' payload' is encrypted and only accessible to IoT Nexus™ mobile application uses which are actively connected to the issuing Dynamics 365 organization.

IoT Nexus™ Experiences provide the core mechanism to extend and optimize basic proximity based experiences with rich and personalized customer relationship management data, intelligent business process management decision making and experience routing, and a plethora of IoT Nexus™ integrated services.