IoT Nexus™ Experiences provide the core mechanism to extend and optimize basic proximity based experiences with rich and personalized customer relationship management data, intelligent business process management decision making and experience routing, and a plethora of IoT Nexus™ integrated services.

Proprietary IoT Nexus™ Experiences records can be associated to any NFC Tag or BLE Beacon Experience NDEF type record in order to extend their functionality in the form of a suite of user objective actions or 'verbs' which define a variety of common B2C user interaction scenarios.

When associated, the NDEF payload is encrypted with the creating organizations encryptions keys, and is only accessible by IoT Nexus mobile application users who are within publication proximity/physical possession/access and currently connected to the issuing organization.

When an IoT Nexus™ Experience is triggered via the mobile application as part of a publication consumed by QR, NFC, BLE or GEO - it triggers a customizable UI/UX template experience which operates in conjunction with standard out of the box Dynamics 365 entities in order to facilitate proximity based user interaction within the domains of typical customer relationship management operations such as sales, marketing, services, and customized business processes. 



Verify any physical object using NFC, or users proximity to a BLE beacon to provide end to end manufacturer to consumer product/authenticity verification experience associated to a chosen Microsoft Dynamics 365 record. 
Complete and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Task published via NFC,GEO,BLE,QR,FACE or IVR channel as either an Account, Contact, or System User using the IoT Nexus™ Mobile Application.
Activate spoken natural language experience content when Accounts, Contacts or System Users interact with a physical object or location using the IoT Nexus™ Mobile Application.
Allow Accounts, Contacts and System Users to 'Sign', by means of an Electronic Signature, any experience associated Microsoft Dynamics 365 record.
Publish the ability for Accounts, Contacts and System Users to browse, add to cart, and purchase Microsoft Dynamics 365 price list products published to any NFC Tag, Geo-Fence, Bluetooth Beacon, Quick Response Code, or Interactive Voice Response call profile.
The IoT Nexus™ Record Experience can be published to any physical object or location using NFC/GEO/BLE/QR consumer proximity technologies. Upon triggering as the chosen experience, Account Contact and System Users can instantly upload Text, Recorded Video, Photo's, or Audio Recording as a Note Attachment to any Dynamics 365 record.
The IoT Nexus™ Purchase experience allows customers to directly add to cart and purchase any Dynamics 365 product published to a NFC Tag, Bluetooth Beacon, Geo-fence, Quick Response Code or Interactive Voice Response call profile.
The IoT Nexus™ Pay experience allows your customers to pay their Dynamics 365 invoices using multiple proximity channels in the most quick and efficient methods possible. Quick Response (QR Codes), NFC Tags,  Personal or Company assigned Bluetooth Beacons or Geo-Fences can be used to provide seamless, personalized, billing and payment processing utilizing IoT Nexus™ Credit Card processing provided by PayPal™. The entire process can be automated to provide a truly global, personalized, and flexible proximity based invoice payment system tailored to your customers needs.
Create your Yammer Proximity Chat Rooms today! Facilitate proximity and contextual based chat between IoT Nexus™ Mobile Application Users, no matter their location, or the object they are interacting with. Great for product portals / hangouts, public venues and events, land-mark locations and a whole host of other scenarios where your company wishes to promote a contextual based discussion.

Custom IoT Nexus™ Experiences allow your organization to create and configure your own UI/UX components for delivery to mobile application users. This capability can be used for simple workflow action triggering, or to deliver custom applets or experience related controls to the user via single page HTML or referenced Angular 4 web resource url. 

When a mobile user consumes a Custom IoT Nexus™ Experience, if a Process Action is configured it will be triggered, and the custom record content downloaded from Dynamics 365 and embedded for display and interaction to the user.


This experience type enables IoT Nexus™ mobile application users to connect to your published Dynamics 365 proximity services.

Configure experiences can be published via QR Code, NFC Tag, BLE Beacon Device or Geo-Fence. Upon active interaction or passive detection of a published Configure Experience, the mobile application will prompt the user to connect to the issuing organizations private IoT Nexus™ network.

Enables IoT Nexus™ mobile application users to register for paid, free or donation type Dynamics 365 Event Campaigns via any location or object. Includes support for the subsequent issuance of Windows 10 Mobile Wallet Items e-Tickets with scannable QR code capability for use in configurable gate/entry transactions.