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IoT Nexus™

$480 USD per month per CRM Org

 (Includes Your Choice of 6 Feature Modules*)

Get Additional Non-Production Licenses for $240 per Month per CRM Org^

Modular Flexibility

'Assemble a Package to Meet your Needs'

All CRM Deployment Models - Online, On Premise, Partner Hosted and Hybrid

Minimum 12 Month Contract

* Additional Modules are $90 USD each per month per CRM Org

^ Non-Production licenses include all purchased modules

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IoT Nexus™

$26,660 USD per CRM Org*

 (Includes All Feature Modules)

Get Unlimited Non-Production Licenses for an additional $13,330 USD^

Complete Functionality

'Full-feature Enterprise Proximity Package'

All CRM Deployment Models - Online, On Premise, Partner Hosted and Hybrid

* plus 10% Annual Software Maintenance

^ Non-Production licenses include all feature modules


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Feature Module


Subscription Limits

Perpetual Limits

*Tracking & Analytics FREE Core Feature Module which Synchronizes NFC, BLE, GEO & QR Code Interaction Logs with Dynamics 365 and Facilitates the IoT Nexus Smart-Grid, Smart Roaming Global Proximity Network N/A N/A
Facial Recognition Connects your Microsoft Dynamics 365 instance directly to the Azure Face API to provide a complete end to end real-time mobile client, database driven facial identification cognitive service platform as a simple to install AppSource instance package paired with a free Microsoft Store Windows 10 client application N/A N/A
Near Field Communication (NFC) Enables creation and use of NFC Tag records, encryption services as well as the lead capture feature for scanned vCards that are created as new leads or contacts within Dynamics 365 N/A N/A
QR Code Enables creation and use of QR Code records
Bluetooth (BLE)

Synchronizes Dynamics 365 IoT Nexus™ Locations and BLE Beacon Devices with your Kontakt.IO hardware supplier account

Enables creation and use of BLE Experience records

Geo-Fencing (GEO) Enables the creation and management of Geo-Fence and Geo-Fence location records, and subsequent publication of experiences and triggering of location based workflow process actions N/A N/A
Branding Enables customizable IoT Nexus™ mobile app splash screen, title, logo, background image and avatar support   N/A N/A
Credit Card Processing Enables internal and mobile application purchase credit card processing and mobile EMV chip payment transaction support 10,000 transactions per month N/A
Digital Signage Allows use of the PowerPoint VSTO Digital Signage Add-in to inject real-time Dynamics 365 content and DTAG100-PRO device configured BLE/NFC data into PowerPoint presentations. Tag PowerPoint Text, Shapes and Charts with contextual real-time spoken content for use in personalized automated digital signage displays N/A N/A
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Turns your Dynamics 365 instance into a personalized automated interactive voice response call center utilising Twillio that is capable of creating, reading, updating, and delating records within Dynamics 365 as part of configurable in call workflow configuration 300 MB TwiML XML Storage 500 MB TwiML XML Storage
Proximity Chat Links your Office 365 Yammer Enterprise account with IoT Nexus™ for creation and use of proximity related chat rooms advertised via NFC, BLE, GEO & QR Code within the IoT Nexus™ mobile application N/A N/A
Push Notifications Facilities the manual and automated creation and sending of push notifications to IoT Nexus™ mobile application users

IoT Nexus™ Smart Grid integrated notification hub only.

10,000 messages per month

BYO push notification hub support

10,000 messages per month if using IoT Nexus™ Smart Grid integrated notification hub

URL Encoder Provides customized fully qualified domain name encoded URLs for use with Eddystone Beacons, Dynamics 365 Activities, workflow automation, websites and general redirect use 25,000 new encoded URLs per year N/A
Wallet Items Enables provision of Windows 10 Mobile Wallet Item records to IoT Nexus™ mobile application users via a proximity experience or an email attachment N/A N/A
Data Sharing Agreements

*** Coming Soon ***

Allows IoT Nexus™ Device and associated basic Account / Contact record information to be shared between Dynamics 365 instances to facilitate multi location / multi Dynamics 365 instance global single-sign-on (SSO) roaming by mobile application users 

Configuration and use of free DSA Tokens only. Additional DSA Tokens sold separately Configuration and use of free DSA Tokens only. Additional DSA Tokens sold separately

Are you a Non Profit Organization?

If your organization qualifies as a NPO, you may be eligible for a free copy of IoT Nexus™. The Non Profit Organization version of IoT Nexus™ includes the following feature modules in addition to FREE Tracking & Analytics; NFC, QR, BLE, GEO, Push Notifications, Credit Card Processing and Branding. To find out if your company qualifies - please email and a product support specialist will contact you to discuss your application. 

Need to add new Feature Modules to your installation?

Send an email containing a copy of your original purchase invoice, IoT Nexus™ solution license key and Dynamics 365 instance organization name along with your desired new feature module names to and a product support specialist will contact you as soon as possible to confirm billing details, re-issue and distribute your updated license key file. 

Need license keys for development or test environments?

Non-production licenses allow you to make changes to one or more developmental sites without affecting your live site. Once your development site meets your expectations you can import the updates to your live site. Non-production licenses are typical in organizations that maintain unique environments for development/testing/staging/code updates or upgrades/QA. It is a best practice to use a non-production environment to ensure optimal experience before applying changes to the production environment.

Software License Annual Maintenance Program

Annual software maintenance entitles Software License holders to free software updates over the term of their paid maintenance subscription. When purchasing a Software License, customers are required to enroll in the annual software maintenance program with the additional purchase of one year of software maintenance at rates current at the time of purchase (only one year may be purchased at a time, per license). Annual software maintenance rates are equal to 10% of current MSRP of the license in question, per year. Annual software maintenance does not apply to subscriptions.

*Subscription Limits are subject to change.